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Where to eat in la Fortuna ?

1 de December de 2021

Like you know amigos food is one of the most important parts of any trip, in the Arenal volcano area and La Fortuna are many good options here we are going to explain Where to eat in la Fortuna and What typical dishes you can taste around

Typical food in Costa Rica

They are some dishes that you definitely need to give you a chance.

  • Gallo Pinto for breakfast  (rice and beans mixed, usually accompanied with ripe banana, cheese and / or tortilla)
  • Casado for lunch / dinner (again rice, beans ( no mixed), salad, meat (fish, pork or beef) accompanied by some tropical drink 
  • Chifrijo  (bowl of beans with rice, cilantro and chopped tomato, with pork
  • Order of fried yuca  (instead of fries you should order Yuca hopefully with ground beans)
  • Enyucado  (ground meat stuffed in fried yucca)
  • Picadillo root of papaya, potato or arracache  (the picadillos can be of several types, but in summary it is some type of root or vegetable diced, boiled in water and seasoned, they usually carry some type of meat more if you are vegetarian, you can ask for this option)
  • Ollla de Carne (all seasonal vegetables and roots, boiled along with beef)
  • Bean, Cheese or Meat Empanada  (for breakfast or coffee time, beans, cheese or meat wrapped in a fried corn dough)

Sodas in Costa Rica

An important fact in Costa Rica you will find several places to eat, and a lot of ads call Sodas.

Sodas are small restaurants where local food is usually served at a very good price and they almost always have a Buffet where you can “build” your own plate. Here are our favorite places in La Fortuna for Sodas.

Bet restaurants in Arenal Volcano area

If you are looking for Where to eat in la Fortuna here we can send you a list of restaurants and places to eat.

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Local chef in our vacation homes in la Fortuna

Besides all restaurants, in all our vacation homes in la Fortuna you can rent or a private dinner in your place we have some pro and local chefs that can help you with your menu and food if you are in one of our houses they can go to your place and make magic for your

La Fortuna Vacation Rentals

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