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Things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica

12 de November de 2021

La Fortuna is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica, the surrounding natural attractions, of course, the Arenal Volcano and hot springs make the perfect combination to explore and do tours activities so If you are looking for things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica right here is a good list for start to explore.

Best adventure destination in Costa Rica

Ready for an epic adventure? La Fortuna Costa Rica is the perfect place to experience the rainforest and been in contact with you will part.

Hiking on the rainforest around the Arenal Volcano, rafting, canyoning, zipline, kayak, safari, birdwatching, and more just for after all that jump and relax at the hot springs

In other words visit this beautiful destination and explore the Arenal Volcano area is one of the best things to do in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

Tours and activities in Arenal Volcano

  • Arenal Volcano Hike
  • Hanging Bridges
  • La Fortuna Waterfall
  • Hot Springs
  • Adventure Tours ( rafting, ziplining, Atv, Kayak)
  • Rio Celeste / Tenio National Park
  • Caño Negro Wildlfe Refuge
  • Cultural Tours ( chocolate and cooking class)

Arenal Volcano Hike

One of the Iconic symbols in Costa Rica and our main attraction is the Arenal Volcano.

Hiking around the Arenal Volcano, you’ll learn everything about it, meanwhile, you walk through the rainforest and part of the lava rocks at the base of this amazing and unique Volcano.

Something you need to know, going to the TOP or climb the Arenal Volcano is not allowed, the hikes are at the base of the Volcano where the lava flows are.

So they are some parks that you walk around the Volcano Here are our favorite ones.

Arenal Volcano National Park.

The National Park is located in the active part of the southwest of the Volcano this part was until 10 years ago was the active part of the Volcano.

From the ranger station at the park entrance, you can choose from two hiking trails one that leads east 0.8 miles to a mirador, a look-out point or Las Coladas trail east another 1.7 miles (2.8 km) from the mirador turn off to the southernmost lava flows. 

  • Hours:  Every day from 8 am to 4 pm
  • Things to see: lava flows, small sections of rainforest, lookout
  • National adult and resident: ¢ 1,000.
  • National child, and resident: ¢ 500.
  • Non-resident adult: $ 15.
  • Non-resident child: $ 5.

Like we told you this section was the active part so there aren’t many forests ( wildlife) however you can walk in the famous lava flows and be very close of the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal 1968 trails

This trail or park is next to the National Park, the Arenal 1968 is a huge farm with the 1968 lava Flow and secundary forest, they have Two different hiking trails walking and see the amazing Arenal Volcano.

Besides one of the highlights is the facilities, after your hike you can relax and have your drink in one of the closest and incredible Volcano views.

  • Hours:  Every day from 8 am to 6 pm
  • Rates: 
  • National adult, and resident: ¢ 40000
  • National child, and resident: ¢ 3000.
  • Children under 11 years free
  • Non-resident adult: $ 17.
  • Restaurant

Another very important thing is the Volcano was active until 10 years ago, throwing rocks, ash, and gases, so do not expect to find a Puma, or monkeys everywhere

Also if you are not a Biologist, Geologist or Volcanologist we recommend you visit these parks with a guide because they will explain to you all the secrets about the Arenal Volcano.

Mistico Park Hanging Bridges

For Us in La Fortuna Vacation Rentals Hanging Bridges at Mistico Park is one of the best hikes around the Arenal Volcano Area. Some of the reasons

  • First and one of the most importat the Amazing Volcano and lake views
  • 16 hanging briges
  • rainforest and wildlife everywhere
  • great facilites
  • All ages trails
  • Perfect for half day tour
  • Finally you can combine with horseback, canyonering and some lake activities

La Fortuna Waterfall

Well amigos this is the perfect place for pictures and videos and is one of the most famous places in la Fortuna.

This 200-ft waterfall is a great place to picnic, swim, the falls emerge from a thick jungle before plummeting into an emerald green pool below.

The waterfall is located in a biological reserve with an area of 210 acres of transition premontane tropical wet forest, part of the Arenal Volcano National Park 

Besides you can arrive by foot or on horseback. The trail runs through pasture and rainforest, offering up chances to spot toucans, monkeys, and other tropical creatures and it takes about 15 minutes to hike down the stair set to the waterfall and an hour to arrive by horse.

Hot Springs in la Fortuna

Visit La Fortuna and The Arenal Volcano and not going to a Hot Springs is like going to Paris and don’t see the Eiffel Tower.

In other words, you must do it, but don’t worry one of the nice things about the hot spring in the area, is we have many options from the Free ones until the best resorts in the world Here you can find the list of the best Hot Springs in la Fortuna

  • Tabacon Hot Springs
  • Baldi
  • Free Hot Springs ( el Choyin)
  • Los Laureles
  • Ecotermales
  • Los Lagos
  • The Springs
Tabacon Hot Springs

Best adventure tours in Arenal Volcano

There are many reasons to visit la Fortuna  Above all, is the Volcano and the many things to do around. La Fortuna is the perfect place to have some adrenaline rush in the rainforest.

  • Rafting in Arenal
  • Canopy tour / Zipline
  • Canyoning and Rappeling
  • Atv
  • Stand up Paddle or Kayak in the Arenal Lake
  • Mountain Bike

Rio Celeste and Tenorio Natial Park

First it all you need to know that Tenorio Volcano National Park and Rio Celeste are the same things, Rio Celeste is part of the National park. This hike is definitely one of the things to do in La Fortuna,

The Malekus ( native people) say that when Tócu maráma one of their supreme gods, painted the sky he wash brush in the river and that was how the River got its color.

Visit the teñideros and admire the beautiful waterfall.  plus walk in the rainforest along the trails it is possible to find the local fauna.

Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge Nature and birdwatching lovers

The Caño Negro wildlife refuge is another of the things to do in La Fortuna

This Ramsar site is ideal for bird watching and sport fishing. It is considered by many as the third most important wetland in the world. The prehistoric Gaspar, jabiru, and jaguars are some of the animals around Caño Negro

Recorrido en barco por el Refugio de Fauna y Flora Caño Negro de día  completo | La Fortuna de San Carlos | 2021 - Viator

Cultural tours in Arenal Costa Rica

You can experience Costa Rican culture in different ways in la Fortuna

You learn how to make the traditional Costa Rican tortillas, have a full Costa Rican cooking class, or go on a tour of a farm in the area and see how children learn the traditional dances in the traditional clothes or taste Costa Rican coffee or chocolate and see the process from plant to product.

  • Chocoalte tour
  • Coffe Tour
  • Cooking Class
  • Salsa Lessons

Please if you have any questions about the Best Hot Springs in la Fortuna or other activities contact La Fortuna Vacation Rentals or also Whatsapp + 506 87 90 90 50 call us + 506 2479 03 76 email us

Home vacation in la Fortuna

Finally, if you are looking your accommodation in la Fortuna Costa Rica we have vacations homes you can check your options here