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Best Hot springs in la Fortuna Costa Rica

31 de August de 2021

BEWARE, if you are going to visit la Costa Rica you definitely need to visit one of the hot springs in La Fortuna Here you can find a list of the best hot springs close to the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Top Hot springs in the Arenal Volcano area

La Fortuna de Costa Rica is the closest town next to the famous Arenal Volcano taking about la Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano is also talking about the hot springs, here you can find a top list of the best ones? Pros and cons

Something that you need to know is that all around Costa Rica you can find perfect places to do the tours, and pretty much all of them are going to tell you that they have the tallest and largest lines around, however, we are going to give you some tips that help you to choose the best Canopy tour in la Fortuna.

Tabacon Resort

Probably if you google It La Fortuna, Arenal Volcano, or Costa Rica you’ll find some pictures about Tabacon, the reasons #1 were one of the first places or attractions in la Fortuna, and #2 the place is just unique.

Perfect combination + A perfect Volcano just in front + exuberant rainforest + a full NATURAL hot springs river with little waterfalls and pools + excellent service. So these are some of the reason that makes UNIQUE this place in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, and the world.

Tabacon Thermal offers the unique combination of the energy of the active Arenal Volcano and the purity and mystic of the surrounding rainforest blend


  • Amazing Hot Spring location ( unique)
  • Defenitly one of the Tops things to do in Costa Rica
  • Instagram Spots everywhere
  • High Quality Servicies
  • Nice food
  • Easy acces
  • You dont need to stay at the hotel
  • One day or half day tickets


  • Far from la Fortuna Downtwon
  • If you are in budget Trip is little pricely
  • Peek season you must book in advance
Tabacon Hot Springs

If you are looking for and unique and nature experience you must Visit TABACON, which definitely is one of the best hot springs in la Fortuna.

Free Natural Hot Springs River

-WAIT A MINUTE, is it real??

The answer is YES it is real 🙂

-And Where is the trick??

No trick at all, we are going to explain you

This Free Natural Hot spring actually is the same river as Tabacon. Here in Costa Rica e water is free ( rivers, beaches, and lakes), so everybody has or can be on the river.

So like is a natural river from one side of the river you have the Tabacon Thermal and from the other site, you have the free entrance to the river.

Obviously, the place doesn’t have any services, not a restaurant, nor a parking lot, not restrooms are just the rainforest and the Full and hot springs river But is FREE. we called in Tico “El Choyin”


  • 100% free hot springs in a natural way
  • Easy access
  • Nice and local place
  • Unique spot


  • Not services at all( restrooms, parking lot, ligth)
  • Weekends and holidays are always crowed it
  • Far from downtwon

The best time to visit el “Choyin” is around in the afternoon and even is better, so taker your snacks, lights, and be sure if you bring your car don’t leave any valuable things on it.

El choyin Free Natural Hot Springs

Baldi Hot Springs

The largest hot springs in the world, well at least that’s what they say, the truth is that Baldi is a pleasant experience, it has more than 18 thermal water pools , exclusive areas for children, restaurants and the place is incredible to spend the day

Fun is always around, if you are on a Family trips this is your place because they have water slides, a dedicated kids play area, caves, and swim-up bars.


  • 5 minutes just from downtown ( by car)
  • Volcano views
  • Many pools for lovers and families
  • One day pass
  • Good facilites and good services
  • kids are super welcome
  • Good price


  • Peak season and some weekends are full
  • Not for a romantic moments

I loved to go Baldi with my kids is great for all ages, and also has some nice couples spots, after a full day of activities I prefer to be there around 4 pm to 9 pm and pay the entrance with dinner

Baldi Hot Springs


To be honest, I’ll try to be objective, but Ecotermales is one of my favorite ones. The place is perfect for relaxing and if you are on your honeymoon or romantic getaway this is your place.

Ecotermales is surrounded by forest and its pools, although they are not natural, have all the appearance of being, the perfect complement is good service, piña colada, and delicious food, this makes it one of the best hot springs in La Fortuna.

They have several pools and waterfalls sectioned off in different areas so that there is a tranquil area and a more lively area with a swim-up bar.


  • 5 minutes from the center of La Fortuna (by car)
  • Quiet place surrounded by rainforest
  • Is a relaxind and quite experience
  • Nice place and excellent service
  • not to many people


  • not kids
  • kind of small
  • they to blocks of time so is not a full day park

Ecotermales is an amazing place if you go on a relaxing and couples trip, you are definitely will love this place

Los Laureles and las Termalitas

Actually are two different places, however are pretty much the same thing. Both are more tico style with little ranchitos, BBQ grill and many pools and of course with very nice Arenal Volcano view

The services are basic, the entrance is very cheap and they are one of the few hot springs that you can bring your own food, so good rice with chicken or a tuna sandwich will be found in most of the ranchitos.


  • Your can go with your snacks and do your food
  • Many pools and always you’ll find slides
  • Very cheap
  • You can be ther all day
  • kids will love it
  • 5 minutes from la Fortuna twon


  • Weekends and holidays are always crowed
  • Not realaxing moments.

This is a very local place especial for BBQ with friends and families

Termalitas del Arenal

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Home vacation in la Fortuna Costa Rica

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