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Best Canopy tour in la Fortuna Costa Rica

31 de August de 2021

If you are looking to come to Costa Rica, one of the activities or tours that you must do is Zipline and of course, la Fortuna is the perfect place to do it. So here you can find a list of the best Canopy tour in la Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano Area.

How is a Zipline in Costa Rica ?

Costa Rica was one of the first places to start the canopy tour. everything began when the scientific needs to cross from one tree to other

Nowadays the canopy tour (sometimes called a zip-line tour) provides a route through a wooded, and often mountainous, landscape making primary use of zip-lines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees. Tourists are harnessed to a cable for safety, and many are restricted to adults.

Something that you need to know is that all around Costa Rica you can find perfect places to do the tours, and pretty much all of them are going to tell you that they have the tallest and largest lines around, however, we are going to give you some tips that help you to choose the best Canopy tour in la Fortuna.

Top ziplines close to the Arenal Volcano

Sky Trek and Tram

Why sky trek is one of the best ziplines in la Fortuna?


  • Amazing Volcano and lake Views
  • Safety and easy break system
  • You can do different combos at the same place
  • Sky tram and the Arenal’s hand
  • Other activities like hanging bridges / sky limit / canyoning / tubbing / kayaking
  • Close to the Arenal Volcano national Park


  • Far from la Fortuna Downtwon
  • If you do only the Zipline is a little pricely
  • half day tour or more

At Sky Trek in Arenal, you ride the tram up the mountain and then get back to the base riding our thrilling ziplines, making it a perfect adventure activity with no walking segments – get off and jump on to the next cable. You’ll ride 7 cables that go up to 200m (656ft) in height and 750m (2460ft)

 Your guides will supply you with suitable equipment: a helmet, gloves, and a harness. The guides will explain some safety features and then you are ready to go! One of the best Canopy tours in la Fortuna.

Mundo Aventura Zipline

Why Canopy Mundo Aventura is one of the best canopy tour in la Fortuna?


  • The only zipline that croos or you can pass very close of la Fortuna waterfall ( best cable)
  • Maleku experience + horseback + la Fortuna Waterfall ( combo)
  • Just 2 miles from la Fortuna downtwon
  • 2 and half hours ( very nice and not to many hours)


  • Volcano view only from some plataforms
  • The acces to La Fortuna Waterfall is not the best one like in the other site of the river

Mundo Aventura zipline is a combination of adrenaline, fun, and adventure. The canopy includes 7 canopy lines, the most extreme in the park where the landscape from the treetops will be the ideal companion.

The tours start with an 18-meter high tower will start the adventure to fly over a 120-meter high canyon, this being the highest point of 560 hectares of forest, with spectacular views of the Pino Blanco Waterfall, the Arenal Volcano, and Cerro Chato


Why Ecogliede is one of the best canopy tour in la Fortuna?


  • At the Base of the Arenal Volcano
  • 5 minutes from Fortuna and very close of the hot springs
  • Tarzan Swing
  • 2 1/2 hours full of fun
  • kids allow it


  • Not to many volcano views
  • No combitation available in property
  • Just the canoy tour

The Ecoglide tour is divided into three sections. The first section has 7 platforms and 6 cables, whose lengths vary from 30 to 360 ft.

And later you will jump at the second part has 6 platforms and 5 cables, with lengths that range from 140 to 520 ft. Following this section, tour takers will have the option of riding the notoriously fun Tarzan Swing,

Why to do ziplines close of the Arenal volcano?

In Costa Rica, we have many great and safety options to do canopy however you should to this tour around the area because :

  • +Rainforest exuberant: you´ll see and know the rainforest in a different way, animals are always around and if you have luck you will do the tour next to monkeys sloths and more
  • Pretty much all the options are very close, in others places like Guanacaste probably you’ll need to drive long distance to do the tour
  • Safety and security Canopy tour options in la Fortuna have the experience and works with al the safaty and security rules remember is an Adventure tour in the middle of the rainforest you must be awere

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